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chapscon 2014 “examining the disparities that impact our veterans” The first installment in the #champson series. convened on January 31st, 2014. Washington, DC


The historic Loews Madison Hotel.




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“Standing in service to those who’ve honorably served our country!”  


“Hello, and welcome to the conference recap page for ChampsCon 2014!  My name is T.J. Breeden, and I’m the Chairman of eMerging Entrepreneurs, Inc.; a non-profit organization that provides Small Business Training and Career Developmental services to military and minority communities.  On behalf of our sponsors and planning committee, I would like to thank you for interest in our program.”

“We created this series as a vehicle for intellectual collaboration; assembling leaders from across the country to exchange ideas and establish partnerships to advance veteran’s economic programs.  On Thursday, May 24th of 2012, the White House Office of Public Engagement recognized me (along with 10 other individuals within the veterans’ community) who are “Champions of Change”. These individuals have shown continued support for efforts to end veterans’ homelessness, boost veterans’ employment, treat problems with substance abuse, and develop treatment programs for those dealing with PTSD.  I feel honored to have been recognized among these outstanding individuals, who continue to dedicate themselves to serving the interests of those who have sacrificed so much in defense of our country.  I was equally as honored to received the Small Business Administration’s 2013 “Veterans Entrepreneurship Advocate of the Year” award on behalf of my organization’s efforts to assist transiting veterans achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions.  Still, there is so much more that can be done in creating sustainable pathways for our veterans to successfully re-acclimate themselves into society, post their military commitment.”


2014 Champions Speaker Series & Leadership Conference. (c) 2014. eMerging Entrepreneurs. All rights reserved.CONFERENCE MISSION: “To Explore the Socio-economic & Health Disparities that Impact our Transitioning Veterans.”

“The veterans component of our conference series is an extension of our MOMENTUM Expo (launched at Fort Bragg in 2012), which was the state of NC’s first all-encompassing veterans and military spousal career fair consisting of educational, employment, and entrepreneurial resource programs.  Our Champions conference events are a series of private 1-day symposiums which aims to bring together 35 of the nation’s top service leaders, military advocates, researchers, wellness specialists, and resources within the public & private sectors to develop and strategically enact initiatives designed to combat the socio-economic & health disparities that exists within the military community.”



“The goal of this type of gathering was to advance intellectual discussions that would spearhead socio-economic stimulation and wellness research amidst what many would consider one of the harshest periods of economic displacement of this generation.  This first convening (held on January 31st, 2014 in Washington, DC) and the veterans symposiums to follow will all focus specifically on exploring the connections between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and veteran’s socio-economic issues; through which we hope to make meaningful strides in identifying solutions and resources that will aid in lowering suicides, unemployment, and homelessness. The 5-part series; in coordination with New Century Planning; will extend access to the combined wealth of knowledge of leaders of innovation, business, entrepreneurship, social development, health & wellness, technology, education, community development, and intellectual affluence, to create initiatives that support communities in need.  Please review the official conference research postscript for more details (available upon request, per the discretion of our event sponsor and executive committee).”

…Our organization’s overarching goal is to align the talented individuals of our nation’s military with employment, transitional, and educational resources from across the country; leveraging an array of intellectual assets to further workforce, wellness, and small business training programs to benefit of those who have already sacrificed so much in defense of our country.  Every day, our soldiers bravely answer the call of duty in defense of our flag… now, its “OUR” turn to answer the call, and work to create opportunities that will ensure that our service-members are able to secure an economic future worthy of their military sacrifice.

 — T.J. Breeden, Founder & Executive Director


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