The Veterans Leadership & Research Conference Series

“Exploring The Socio-economic & Health Disparities that Impact our Transitioning Veterans.”

“The goal of this type of gathering is to advance intellectual discussions that will spearhead socio-economic stimulation and wellness research. The first convening (held on January 31st, 2014 in Washington, DC) and the symposiums to follow will all focus specifically on exploring the connections between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and veteran’s socio-economic issues; through which we hope to make meaningful strides in identifying solutions and resources that will aid in lowering suicides and unemployment.  The 2nd installment, entitled “Homes for the Brave,” attracted nearly 100 attendees and focused specifically on housing disparities and displacement. The full series will extend access to the combined wealth of knowledge of leaders of innovation, business, entrepreneurship, social development, health & wellness, technology, education, community development, and intellectual affluence, to create initiatives that support communities in need.”

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