Warrior TECH™: “Using Digital Technology as a Platform for Veteran Social Recovery!”

2014-06-25 12_42_14-medical conference - Google SearchWarrior TECH™ is an intellectual platform, developed to bring together the nation’s top military advocates, treatment specialists, academic researchers, psychological wellness practioners, and resources within the public & private sectors to explore collaboration as it relates to new and innovative ways of helping our veterans successfully heal from the mental and psychological wounds of combat.  Our collaborative is designed to showcase resources that advance new and innovative modes of social recovery; exploring both digital simulations that help bridge treatment and communicative issues that hinder the successful social transition of our services-members, as well as alternative therapy options that promote the kinds of virtual reality engagement and cognitive stimulation in computer-generated environments that will help our veterans reacclimate themselves back into civilian life.

This component of our upcoming conference focuses specifically on exploring the connections between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and veteran’s socio-economic issues.  Through this convening, attendees were able to make meaningful strides in identifying solutions and resources that will aid in lowering suicides, unemployment, and homelessness. Warrior TECH™ advances this effort, and is a collaboration between eMerging Entrepreneurs, New Century Planning, and i-Suntari Social Innovation (a veteran-owned research, advocacy, and project management firm).  Like in proceeding Champions symposiums, this conference’s breakout session aims to extend access to the combined wealth of knowledge of leaders of innovation, business, entrepreneurship, social development, health & wellness, technology, education, community development, and intellectual affluence, to identify ways of broadening the reach of how digital technology can be used as a tool to combat the physical and psychological wounds of war.



2014-05-14 16_56_38-2014-05-13 21_15_58-Veteran Champs-129 - Windows Photo Viewer - Photo GalleryWe’re excited to announce that Kognito Interactive; a New York based technology firm who has dedicated its mission to driving positive change in health behaviors, specifically through the use of immersive learning experiences and digital simulations; will be presenting their solutions program at our upcoming conference.  Established in 2003, the company works to transform health through an innovative platform that challenges the conventional approach to engaging mental health, particularly PTSD.  They achieve this through an innovative gaming mechanism, which places users of the simulation in realistic social settings, and challenges them to practice role-playing by interacting with virtual avatars; building their confidence & skills in motivational interviewing and other evidence-based communication techniques. We’ve also received a commitment from the VA’s “National Center for PTSD” of Palo Alto California, who has created a digital interface and a series of mobile platforms geared to assist veterans who need immediate assistance and counseling in addressing difficult elements psychological recovery.

To advance the kinds of intellectual discussions that will spearhead socio-economic stimulation and wellness research, we will also host a series of short assemblies encouraging attendees to delve into potential partnership opportunities, & strategically enact solutions to enact real change!



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